starving yourself and beating yourself up or going out doing stupid shit  isn’t going to make things better it is easier just to except the things you cant change then ruining yourself if someone else cant see how amazing you are then they are not worth your time and i’m fine with that but this doesn’t mean i’m going to go off and party or anything i mean i can but hey I’ve been laying low but whatever when i’m ready to go out and party i will  i know my worth and i know i’m worth then what you are giving me and i know my limits and that i can change maybe you cant see it but i sure can  and that’s what matters this is for me not you why its on my blog idc what other think they don’t know what happened they don’t know the real story and its not my job to inform them of what the story is my life is my business. i’m going to enjoy 

22.May.14 5 months ago

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everyone wants to say it is not worth it but you are worth everything to me they say i am blind right now but no they are blind they just dont see the love we have it is stronger than this and we can do it 

26.Apr.14 5 months ago

I’m being treated like utter shit i know i mest up but ive been actually making an effort to fix my self yeah it started off me doing it for myself but really it was all for you and for me and ive done everything you asked and for you to just droop me after all the humilliation you put me through after all the crying ive been through after all the heart break and cruel words you said to me that i thought youd never say to me came out hurting my feelings i know you dont trust me but i was trying to build it back up so im sorry if i get scared sometimes that you are going to leave me like you have already done even restricting me from talking to you  so now im mentally breaking down everywhere i go cause i cant handle that we didnt even get to talk it out in person i admitt to my faults but you wont even say sorry  i know you are hurt but did you ever stop to think  that im hurting too that i didnt want this to happen and it did and now everything is mest up and idk what to  do but try to keep our love alive but it seems that doesnt matter to you  which is just like saying we never mattered people make mistakes we need to forgive doesnt mean our actions are ok  but even through all the pain i still want you so badly i want to tell you all the little things in my day i want to lay beside you and watch movies i want to be right there with you but you are making it hard ok i just need you like i know you need me although you cant see it right now but im giving everything up for you  my sanity it seems my love my heart  but you wont say a word to me and im trying to keep cool until finals are over but i can only take so much before its unbearable and i feel like i am at that point i just wish you could see this how my heart is torn to pieces how i do care and want to make things work more than any body

26.Apr.14 5 months ago

ive lost 3lbs in one day because im so depressed  im not hungry all i can think about is fighting for what we had i cant lose you again i might just die for real this time 

20.Apr.14 6 months ago

I’m so don’t taking advice from anyone and sharing my feeling with people and depending on them to help me make my own decisions cause it all turn in turmoil :/ i want to think for myself and even if i make the wrong decision at least i know i made  my choice own my own rather than listen to others i just want to be better and the only way i can be  better is by doing things my way and figuring things out on what not to do and what to do in certain situations or else i cant learn im young and i deserve to try to make my decisions with out others on my neck

19.Apr.14 6 months ago

Have more than you show,
Speak less than you know.

William Shakespeare, King Lear: Act 1, Scene 4  (via v-cki)

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